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We could choose curtains according to the directions of windows

If we choose the east windows to place the curtains, then the curtains would rise with the sun, at the same time, they would absorb the heat immediately, at the same time, the temperature would be changed into high temperature, then the heat would spread with the windows, at this time, we could choose the soft shutters and vertical curtains, at the same time, they are perfect in quality, at the same time, they could be shinning with the elegant atmosphere and light.

Deep khaki blackout curtains made of polyester
FROM: http://www.worldmarket.com/

The south windows could be full of light, if it is in hot summer, then it would be plenty of much heat and UV, so the day and night curtains would be good choice for us, in the day, we could spread the curtains, which could go through the light, and the strong light would be changed into soft light, we could see the beautiful scenery outside, at the same time, if you closed the blackout curtains, the strong light and privacy could let us get the secret, and then we could enjoy the environment.

Prevailing printed novelty solid sound absorption curtains
FROM: http://www.houzz.com/

The west window is very hot, if it is in summer, we had better close the curtains or blackout it, at the same time, we had better choose the special curtains, which could give the furniture much protect, there are many kinds of curtains for us to choose.

Elegant double-sided blackout print bedroom curtains
FROM: http://www.ogotobuy.com

At last, the north window is very bright, which could be perfect for the house, at the same time, we could reserve it for the elegant, at the same time, the shutters or cotton curtains would be perfect for us, which could be the best choice for us.

The above could be some tips of different directions of curtains, hope these could help you in the choosing the curtains.

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